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Jul 27, 2015 - Category: General

Jet-skiers go to Sunderland

Sunderland Air Show 2015
Sunday was the chosen day for this years trip as tides were not that good on Saturday ,due to work,weddings and 'when will you finish that job you started', our numbers were depleted , however after consulting the Met Office and Magic Seaweed reports,we met enthusiastically at 10.00.the sun was shining the dingy's were launching and looking forward to their Regatta as Saturday had been poor weather.

Departing at about 11 we made steady progress past Blackhall and were tempted to call into Seaham as Gary ,Carol and Lawrence had not seen the wonderful new facilities they have,but decided to press on as the water was only allowing slow process.
Sunderland 10 minutes or so later, we had as usual asked Sunderland Yacht club if we could use their facilities and after mooring up with sand anchors in the bay received the usual warm welcome in their clubhouse from Alan the Commodore and his lovely spaniel!
Great hot food and drinks we were soon watching the display both from the first floor of the club and the grassy compound as the sun was shining.
We decided to re board the skis to watch the Eurofighter and Red arrows from the sea as the experience is always enhanced being at sea. 
Lawrence as he emerged from beyond the piers suggested that the water was now becoming very rough indeed and we all had to agree so sensibly we cut short our viewing and turned to head home,and what a journey that was! The swell had increased there were white caps on the waves and at times we were making headway only just 'on the plane'
Ahead we spotted a motor cruiser making progress south so made great use of the wake , tucking in behind and having a much softer ride, albeit very slow.
Hartlepool in the misty distance came into welcome view and rounding the Headland such joy to see THYC tower across the bay,by now all cold tired and after recovering skis , the pleasure of a hot shower was beyond belief!
We discussed how both weather reports could change so drastically but that's the sea for you.
Undeterred we all look forward to our next trip!
As said before all welcome.

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