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Jul 9, 2015 - Category: General

A Grand Day Out in Yorkshire!

Jet-Skiers take advantage of the weather for a fish & chip run...

Saturday June 27th 

Our organizer for the day Glenys had planned a trip to Staithes and had alreàdy alerted Harbour Master Norman Fowler of the possible arrival of some visiting jet skiers,Norman is an unusual Harbour Master as he holds no prejudice to such craft (if handled responsibly) unlike many other possible ports of call and communities on our coastline.

4 skis arrived at THYC with a couple of usual attendees absent and exceptionally upset as the weather looked fair for the trip,we departed swiftly to clear the ramp for the visiting Traveller Dingy series just after 10.00 and had a good run to Staithes ,the water was not without some swell and lumpy bits but it gave some variation for the run past the Turbines and Saltburn.

Staithes as beautiful as ever as you enter giving the treacherous rocks a wide berth, and on the rising tide we safely moored using sand anchors and waded ashore,Norman not in his usual position of leaning on the rails overlooking the Harbour was a late riser that morning and it took a short stroll to his hidden cottage to announce out of courtesy our arrival.

Within 5 minutes I had all the news, shortage of visitors this year, Mackerel not in number yet , etc etc

We decided as it was so sunny to have a quick one in the Cod and Lobster and enjoyed sitting outside in the sun,where our Team Leader suggested as it was so beautiful we should press on to Whitby for Fish and Chips,agreement all round, we finished our drinks and departed.

The water had flattened and we passed Runswick in minutes where there was a huge number of dingys probably 30 or so clearly enjoying some racing, within minutes Sandsend and again a large number of Cruisers could be seen obviously also engaged in some event,flat water 50mph plus we soon arrived at Whitby.

Entering the Harbour we anchored just off the Friendship Rowing Club on the south side,and caused some bewildered looks as we walked through the the busy streets in our dry suits and wetsuits to Robertsons Chippy just over the road from the Dolphin,this is where our Team Leader Glenys clearly showed what too much sun can do.... Not fish and chips for her ...oh no ...DEEP FRIED BOUNTY BAR AND CHIPS! Could the day get worse?

Food enjoyed sitting on the quay and then time to depart otherwise the tide was against us to recover back at base.

In our short stay the water had changed and to say the least on the journey home we were more battered than Glenys deep fried Bounty.
It probably took a twice as long to return,trying to find the smoother water closer to shore.

Amazingly whilst cleaning down the skis , Neil announced he had better hurry up as he was playing football at 4.30 ....what an athlete !


More trips planned , the more the merrier.
by Mike Walker


Mike Glenys Julie & Neil

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