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Oct 1, 2014 - Category: General

THYC Cadets trip to Pooley Bridge

THYC Cadets trip to Pooley Bridge



Back in the day, the annual camping trip to Pooley Bridge was always one of the high points of the Cadet calendar, organised by June & Malcolm Boagey, the fun & games entertained cadets & parents alike. I’m sure many reading this will have fond memories of sailing competitions in torrential rain with the lightening bouncing all around, playing by the lake side late into the night & the 2002 Jubilee Party!

This year, with support from their parents, the cadets have had the opportunity to revive the tradition & spent a fantastic weekend at Park Foot campsite. 

The cavalcade included 6 Toppers, 2 Topaz, the well-travelled Rev. Green & of course, Grey Matter to watch over them all! As boats & people gradually arrived throughout the late afternoon & early evening the group finally swelled to 12 cadets with 13 accompanying adults. Enough grown –ups to keep them out of trouble, or so you might think!

On Friday night everyone went to bed determined to take it easy & not to get up too early, so, it was decided that 10:30am was an acceptable time to be on the water.
Friday night was so cold that the entire camp was up with stoves going by 6:45am! Still, by the time the early morning mist cleared it was not far off mid-morning… but what a lovely warm sunny day it turned out to be!

The sailing conditions were less than perfect but that didn’t dampen enthusiasm & even those who had never sailed before enjoyed a slow drift down to Howtown in glorious sunshine. Meanwhile the lunch trays were a little more widely travelled, first going to Aira Point (which was the intended lunch destination) then going back to Pooley Bridge before starving sailors & ham sarnies were finally united on the Howtown shore. After everyone had eaten & played by the water’s edge it was time to set off for the return journey. By now the fishermen on the beach were losing the will to live & the Howtown ferry was running 5 minutes late.

By late afternoon it was becoming obvious that a further 2 days would be needed to complete the return journey to Park Foot so a long line of boats were gently towed home by Grey Matter.

Meanwhile back at the ranch…
The camp was tidied & seating arranged, the BBQ was lit, potatoes & salads were prepared.  As darkness fell, everyone sat down to a truly fabulous feast prepared by the world’s greatest catering corps, ‘The Mams’. After clearing up, it was time for marshmallows round the campfire, the logs piled high to keep everyone warm.

Everyone, young & old agree that it was a wonderful weekend, friendships were made & the teamwork involved was immaculate (although the cadets were not so keen on pot washing).
More importantly, for a new generation of cadets & their parents:

The memories start here!

Many thanks to the wonderful Mams & Dads who worked so hard to make sure everything ran smoothly & to Micky Early, for making it all possible.

Did the Howtown ferry ever get back on schedule? We will never know!