Making the Magic!

Meet the team!

Being part of a sports club not only gives a sense of belonging, but also brings together a diverse collection of skills, talents & personalities. When these are all added together the result is a very strong team capable of high acheivement. 

Without the dedication of our volunteers, most, if not all aspects of our Club would simply cease to exist! From cruiser racing to sail training, social nights to stocking the bar, from processing your membership form to ensuring legal compliance, everything only happens because someone volunteers to do it!
At THYC we are fortunate to have a very dedicated group of volunteers, however, many tasks fall to the same people time after time. It is important that we continually encourage more members to volunteer – after all it is your club

We are not asking for a huge commitment, if each member were to volunteer once a year, so much more could be achieved! Some tasks may require only 1 or 2 people, for example: timekeeping. Other tasks require larger teams, for example: running open days or training sessions. 

Water based volunteers are always in demand to helm dinghies, assist instructors & provide safety cover. If you are unsure then you will work with those who can help you to develop. In some instances training can be given, leading to a recognised qualification.

There are many roles for shore based volunters to take part in, from helping to organise socials to signing up new members! Social members in particular find it a great way to become more engaged in Club activities!


 Boat repair, Maintenance, Decorating, Tidying, Socials, Event help, Artwork, Mark laying, Timekeeping, Organising,
Opportunities may include workshops to enhance personal skills through to nationaly recognised coaching awards 

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