Race Instructions & Times

THYC Cruiser Race Instructions 2017 (click to download)

Race Instructions for the 2017 season have a new addition under the heading of Notification of Intention to Race
to include the need inform the race officer of the number of persons on board as well as the class the yacht will be sailing in before the start of each race.

NECRA Race Instructions Whitby to Hartlepool 25 June 2017 (click to download)

Race Instructions for the NECRA Whitby to Hartlepool race on 25th June 2017

THYC Elected Racing Class 2017

Boats may sail in different classes in any complete series of races, but must sail the complete series in that same class.
Complete series include: Spring, Wednesday Pursuits, Sunday Pursuits, RNLI 1/Wednesday 1, RNLI 2/Wednesday 2, Nicholson/Centenary, 1871/Millennium, All Marks, Autumn, Winter.
Individual, long distance and passage races can be raced in any chosen class.
Boats must declare in which class they will be sailing prior to the start of each series and at the start of each race.

THYC Pursuit Times 2017 (click to download)

The Pursuit times are printed to show various start timings dependant on which is the slowest boat in the fleet for any particular race so that there is minimal delay at the start.


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